Join me in a personal commitment…

Today is a chance to not only recreate ourselves but a chance to change our fate. Nothing is written in stone, and though its the beginning to a new year, we don’t really need a new year to start fresh. All we need is a Monday.  So I encourage and ask you to join me today and commit the next 365 days to creating a better you. Inside and Out. Start by making yourself a  personal contract, whether you actually type it out, physically write it in a journal, or keep a  mental note. Don’t forget it.  Take your health, your fate and your life back into your hands. Take charge and be proud of yourself…  Have you ever seen those pictures from Nike on pinterestinstagram or facebook? Do it for every single one of those reasons.

Remind yourself that you deserve this. You deserve success… and congratulate yourself. Every small step you take in the right direction is a milestone…. I look forward to continuing my journey and having you by my side…


Dez O

If you are joining me and have instagram tag a post with  #fitfriendssticktogether

Because this time around you will no longer be alone…



  1. Dez, I can’t tell you how awesome this is! I love reading your posts and seeing your Instagram photos. I love what you said at the end…never alone…fit friends stick together…I love it. Thanks for creating a community of fit friends! Xo

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