It’s like walking up the Spanish steps of Rome

Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy

Spanish Steps in
Rome, Italy

During my lifestyle makeover I realized that I rely heavily on daily motivation. Everyone one is motivated in different ways, and one of the ways that I motivate myself is through visual images. The images can range anywhere from images of other fit individuals to graphic quotes. There’s something about seeing a photo that helps my brain truly grasp what I am trying to achieve.

Above you see an image of the Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy. You don’t need me to tell you that, that looks like a lot of steps. I chose this image because making the choice to change your life and health is kind of like those steps. It can feel like its going to take a lot of work to get to the top. But the reality is its achievable. Many tourists, residents and people from all over the world have walked up those steps and reached their destination. And the same goes for weight-loss, exercise, and a change of diet. A lot of people all over the world have at different points in their life made the commitment to change their lives for the better. And have achieved it and continue to daily.

The great news is you have already walked up two steps.

  1. You chose to make the commitment with me.
  2. You figured out where your health stands, calculating your BMI

Now this isn’t going to be easy and it takes commitment day in and day out. And you may find yourself sitting a few steps out here and there. That’s ok. As long as you don’t give up on yourself. Remember this isn’t about learning to diet. Because out of personal experience and observation a diet just doesn’t cut it.

This is a Lifestyle, and you are Creating a NEW YOU. And to make sure you succeed is why we are doing it together.

Consider it a job. Your life is your ultimate career. Do you hold your job as a priority? Do you slack off at work? Do you miss appointments with your boss? No.

So do yourself a favor, hold that same commitment to YOURSELF.

Now grab my hand and let’s walk up together and take step three.


Setting A Goal

What is your goal?

  • do you want to build muscle?
  • do you want to lower body fat?
  • do you want to drop a few sizes?
  • lose a specific amount of weight?
  • what is it, that you want most?
  • What is the one thing that you thought you could never have?

Personally, I never thought I was capable of building muscle. And before October 5th 2012, I had actually decided to let go of the idea of losing weight and just leave myself at where I was, unhappy with my weight and unwilling to make a commitment. I didn’t think I could lose weight ever again. But lo and behold, I did…..

On the left is summer 2012, and the right is the towards the end of Dec 2012

On the left is summer 2012, and the right is the towards the end of Dec 2012

So tonight’s home work is

  • Mark and set your goal.
  • Give your self a deadline….

Don’t be afraid to set the bar high, part of this process is learning to push your self, and realizing that YOU are CAPABLE of MORE than you give yourself credit for. Remember I am doing this with you, and so is my best friend, and maybe so is your best friend. And for all you know your neighbor and my neighbor. Remind yourself everyday you are not alone, and that we together are holding each other accountable! . We are here to support and inspire. Because guess what? no one is perfect. I myself am still on this journey with you, and I have goals and aspirations of my own.. I’m here as a REAL person, I’m not a nutritionist, I’m not a personal trainer, I’m not a super athlete. I am a 27-year-old mother of three. If I can commit to this, then so can you. I face the same dilemmas you do everyday. I have bad days, good days, and ups and downs just like you. But I remind myself daily:

This isn’t a diet this is a lifestyle.


Dez O


If you can set your goal and make your deadline, put it out there. Putting it out there, makes it real. People now know what you want to achieve and now you have to prove that you can and hold yourself accountable. Don’t be afraid.. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Once you put it out there, tag it #fitfriendssticktogether.

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