Keep The Sweetest Day In February Guilt Free!

Why is it every holiday is surrounded by more stress and unwanted weight gain then joy and ease?!  Isn’t it enough that we have to run around making our kids teacher’s gifts, valentine’s day treats for their classmates (and not snack here and there during the process) or for the single and business savvy having to bake goods for their clients, family and friends…  well stress no more I found a couple fun and easy solutions to a hectic yet sweet day in February!!

Now and then I like to browse some fun hashtags on instagram like recently   #ljcleaneating.. LJ standing for the most awesome and beloved Lorna Jane…One of Australia’s finest fitness  inspirations & brands.. for more info check out their site :

While I was searching I found two amazing #foodporn pics that I just had to share. One is the amazing and creative idea of jazzing up our watermelon! Watermelon is sure to cure that sweet tooth as well as hydrate our bodies. And the second the most delicious protein pancakes topped with a cottage chesse fresh strawberries and coconut flakes!! I personally can’t wait to try my own versions of these!!!

Don’t forget, it’s a No Added Sugar Month!



Leave out the sugar….You’re sweet enough xxoo

#noaddedsugarfebruary #bingefreefebruary #skinnyrollercoaster #fitfriendssticktogether

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