Great New Recipe from our Style Expert Brittany Michele!!! absolutely love this vegan recipe…. tasty and indulgent with out the stress of unwanted belly buldge! xoxoxox Love it B!


This is a day we celebrate love. Love for significant others, friends, family & ourselves. How ever you celebrate this day, I hope it’s spent in good times full of sunshine & smiles!

The past couple weeks I have been exploring some great recipes, and I think I finally this one perfected and ready to share.<3

* I get a lot of messages in regards to what “diet plan” I am on. Plain & simple, I see “d-i-e-t” as a four letter word. (Check out my sister’s blog – Skinny Rollercoaster. She is my  best friend, soul mate and ultimate partner in my health & fitness journey. She inspires & keeps me motivated by her daily dedication.) I’m committed to eating clean, free of gobs of processed foods-enjoying the foods my body THANKS me for-full of nutrients. This is not a plan with a deadline, this is the rest of my…

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