1-vday post

Today has truly been a day to count my blessings and to show some love to everyone in my life… Use today as a special day to remind yourself of your goals! Let’s get back on track together by loving ourselves and raising the bar! Let’s make this happen! I started the day by dropping some love off at my sister and best friend’s house!!! (Brittany Michele) I just put together some of our favorite things.. Along with a fitness mag & waist trimmer!!! ( because Fit Friends truly do stick together ) xo

1-Fullscreen capture 2142013 11109 PM

Together we made a new pact today!! We are going to raise our bar and expect the most out of ourselves! A dollar for each binge free day, eliminating certain foods from our diet, and last but not least we set up a reward system for the next 5, 10, and 15 lbs!!! So the challenge is on!!

1-Fullscreen capture 2142013 125751 PM

Stay tuned for a challenge that you will be able to join, along with a  gift basket full of fit friendly goodies and all! So enjoy your day… Take it easy and let it flow, don’t over stress…Love yourself to know you deserve your dream body and a healthy life!


Stay motivated my skinny friends, this journey is rocky, yes but you are not alone!! 


Dez O



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