Yesterday was truly a great day. What a blessing to get a chance to spend a day reminding your loved ones that you appreciate them. It was also a day full of planning and setting goals to make sure I am successful. I spent the morning making my family breakfast and finding myself snacking on things left and right. It was such a great day that I almost forgot I have goals that mean more to me then yummy snacks!! But it happens!

I got a chance to see a great movie with my husband, which is rare!! We rarely go to the movies and if we do we rarely get to see an adult film. Having three kids can be tough but having an exciting night out can be tougher. Especially when the concession stand offers extremely fattening and tempting snacks and treats to eat while watching a 2 hour long movie!

Did you know that not only are you more likely to snack bigger portions while watching a movie or even television show at home. For that reason it is recommended that we don’t snack while watching something, before we know it half an hour or more has gone by and so has that large popcorn, large soda and large bag of candy! Besides, the concession stand is EXPENSIVE! Now I will not tell you to sneak in healthy snacks because it is wrong, and against the movie theater policy. I am not about to advocate something wrong! But I can help you and myself see what it is we are choosing to snack on and what might be wiser choices.

Fitbe on MSN.COM breaks it down for us.. for more detailed info click the link

Besides popcorn containing up to 17 cups of SALT! (which remember fit friends sodium makes us bloat and will keep us from seeing our progress)… Popcorn from the theater can be more than a thousand calories! WOAH! That is a lot of calories. And what’s worse since it’s sold in larger portions than maybe you would get at home, we are more likely to finish the entire bag…

  • ICEE which sadly a lot of parents give to their kids contains 358 calories and 22 teaspoons of sugar.
  • Sour Patch Kids 490 Calories and 23 teaspoons of sugar ( I’m not gonna lie, these are my favorite… I definitely will think twice)
  • Reese’s Pieces Bag 580 Calories 61 g sugar, 26 g fat, 20 g sat fat per 4 oz package ( my local theater sells a 6 oz bag YIKES)
  • Soda (most types) Estimated at up to 696 calories, 174 g sugar per large
  • Nachos Up to 1390 calories, 54 g fat, 3,1,32 g sodium. Cheese Alone is 760 calories

The best choice you can make is to order a bottled water, or a cup of coffee to help from snoozing during your movie.

I had been working on my fitness for so long I forgot how fun it is to dress up. But what I realized is that my recent weight gain (confession: 10 lbs!! Some could be muscle and some I know is plain fat) made a big difference on how my clothes clung to my body. I don’t think I am fat, but I know I have fat. And I know when I am falling off track. I wore something that not only would be warm and cozy because of my RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis..it was a bad flare day) but something that would be figure friendly. THIS is why I will reach my goals, to be able to wear anything and still feel great. It’s not the number on the scale, or how skinny you look but the satisfaction in knowing you worked hard, committed to yourself and over came obstacles. That is what it is truly about.


As I mentioned in my previous post, my best friend and I made a new pact, with the new guidelines and new goals. It’s so rewarding and helps to have support. ( FIT FRIENDS STICK TOGETHER) To refresh your memory, we committed to placing a dollar for each day we go without binge-ing. That includes eating yucky foods as well as emotional eating. We will be weighing in every Friday as well and have set up a reward system for 5 lbs, 10 lbs, and 15 lbs. If you decided to do the same make the rewards worth it, something big! And put it in your daily planner, sometimes it helps to keep it visual!

Do not tell yourself what you can’t have. I fall into that natural habit as well, I start saying “no you cant have that because…” And then that is when I fall short. Because its true, working out can’t out weigh a bad diet. Remind yourself how less satisfying eating a handful of M&M’s are, and how more satisfying a homemade yogurt parfait is that could equal the same calories. Sometimes you have to be as drastic as changing your diet a bit.. Don’t be afraid of switching it up. Make it fun, go vegetarian or even vegan. If you are taking your vitamins and supplements changing your diet can be almost like a cleanse and can be extremely beneficial. There are a few websites that can aid in making it an easy process.. Like 21 day Vegan Kick Start. Also lent has started for a lot of you and my best friend committed to going with out meat for 40 days. I am also joining her in this process and together we are working towards eliminating dairy and eggs as well. We both are looking forward to a more whole and plant based diet.

My best friend was nice enough to decorate our money jar!

Here’s a sassy drink I want you to try to get you going on your new journey

Feel Good” Kale Smoothie:

  • 1 banana
  • 1 apple
  • 2 cups of Raw Kale
  • 3 tspn Chia seeds
  • 1 tbsp Bettern Butter Peanut Butter
  • 2 tbsp Blue Agave Nectar
  • 1 cup Non Fat greek Yogurt (can be substituted for soy or coconut yogurt)
  • 16 0z Unsweetened Breeze Almond Milk


1-image (4)

Don’t focus on the calories with this smoothie but more on its nutrients and what it has to offer. This Is not only fueled with instant feel good vitamins to give you a lift in your day but it is so yummy and satisfying. You are bound to to make this over and over again!

Dez O




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