21 day vegan kick start, starts today!

So I got an email today, and it looked like this:

Dear Mrs. O,

Thanks for registering for the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart! Your countdown starts today. Just five days until we begin the journey to a new, healthier you. Go to 21DayKickstart.org now to watch Dr. Barnard tell you about the Kickstart’s all-access pass to nutrition advice from celebrities and more. Then forward this message to your friends and family who need a kickstart, too. We can’t wait to get started!

Best regards,

PCRM Nutrition Department

I was actually excited and feel like a good 21 days on a vegan and plant based diet would do my tummy some good! What’s great is I’ve done this before, after I had my first daughter (second child) it worked as a great cleanse to kick my pregnancy cravings that stayed after my baby was born. I had my mother join me  the last time I did it, which made it fun! So gather a few friends and register today! click the banner for the link!


They now have a great phone app to help you along:


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