Tired of starting over? stop giving up.

Don’t be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams…


It’s easy to tell yourself that you are to busy to workout. And even easier to get comfortable not working out. But you’re missing out. It’s seems like a lot more work than it actually is! working out is great fuel for the mind and the body and always feels like less work when actually done then the anticipation and thought of it.  So get out there and get it done.

Here’s what helping me get back on track:

Use your resources:

  • making plans with my friends, it holds me accountable! (#fitfriendssticktogether)
  • signed up for a few free classes around my area (xtend barre<— so fun and such a good workout) click the photo below for a link to their website and prices!!
  • checked out some workout videos and reference books from my local library (its free!!)


Xtend Barre is a premiere ballet workout.. a mix of dance and pilates amplified! and if you have seen a ballerina then you know they have amazing lean and toned physiques. (pretty much my goal!) click the photo below for a great youtube video and sneak peak into an xtend barre class


I may still be the last person on earth that goes and actually checks books and videos out from the library, but I don’t care. Not only is it way cheaper but there is something about walking into a room and being able to pick whatever book you want with out the stress and financial burden. The resources are unlimited when it comes to attending your local library. I checked out some cook books to help me on my 21 day vegan kickstart, and some other books and videos to help change up my fitness routine. I am ready to make this week a success, and earn my dollars for my jar!


Dez O


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