Keepin’ it Simple..

2013 04 18_0591 I made a really simple recipe that can be modified to fit your taste buds! So easy and such a crowd pleaser…. Sometimes I feel as if the simpler the recipe the easier it is to keep track of what I am eating. And right now I am not the most enthusiastic about cooking or even working out. I feel as if I lost my mojo. So it helps if its fast, easy and yummy. Makes it less of a task and more fun.  Simple recipes like these are what I am hoping to get me back on track! Cross your fingers!!


Dez Xo

This is how we enjoyed it: I added mixed veggies that contained broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. The spices I used where my typical favorites like garlic salt, pepper, and some red hot pepper flakes in my bowl. I like it extra spicy! What I love about this recipe is that I can change it up as I please, and the left overs. The left overs make it an easy re-heat grab and go lunch when needed.



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