Birthdays & Oats…

After returning from Kauai, my husband and I took a mini vaca for my birthday and headed to Los Angeles. We stayed at the Roosevelt Hotel, making it easy to venture out into the cities adjacent to us. As well as visiting some local friends who live downtown Hollywood. I was so excited.

This year I turned 28 years old.. And I wanted to continue my tradition of staying at my favorite hotel and having dinner at my favorite restaurant… There is just something romantic about The Hollywood Roosevelt. I am not sure if it is the fact that Marilyn Monroe has stayed there or if it is their iconic Hollywood décor.. Whatever it is, you always leave with the best memories. My favorite Restaurant is more of a newer restaurant. Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills. Its located right on Rodeo Drive. One of the downsides is that they don’t really have any vegan plates to offer. So I may be needing to change that tradition. Even though I let loose when it came to my dietary needs. I had a wonderful time, and birthday.

Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood, Ca

Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood, Ca

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oatmeal favorite

Another one of my favorite things is Oatmeal. It’s my go to meal. It’s so easy and fun, you can basically add anything to it, and it’s amazing. I recently added some pretty delicious items to my oats and I am in love with the flavor. Oats are high in fiber, and keep me full. And the fruit adds just the amount of sweet needed to curb a dangerous sweet tooth.. I love that oatmeal almost reminds me of the original pizza, where they would take their dough and just grab their left overs and place over sauce and bam! you have a pizza. That’s oatmeal. You can be as creative as you wish, and have the comfort in knowing its good for you. You could even set out a mini buffet style with a variety of toppings that you could let your family & kids choose from.
recipe card rolled oats


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