The Weekend Life

2013 04 23_0665

The weekend has become my only sanctuary. It’s as if I am running away from the scale and my reflection.  Even though I have been way off track, ( compared to working out 2-3 hours a day and sticking to a strict diet just a few months ago) it’s given me an opportunity to realize how true these health facts are:

Sugar Sucks..

Besides my own current results and experiences I know for a fact that sugar isn’t worth the temporary satisfaction.  So doing a little research (which regardless how long you’ve been healthy or how many books you read.. it has to be a life long effort of constant reminders and new information, It is easier than you think to fall off track and lose your way)

I found info that I did not know and thought I should share:

  • It can cause high triglycerides…which can lead to inflammation in your pancreas. Also hyperthyroidism, and kidney disease and then some.
  • Can cause the loss of elasticity.. (as in how fast your body can bounce back after a baby or even how young & firm your skin can appear)
  • it can weaken your eye sight.
  • raises the level of a neurotransmitters: dopamine, serotonin,   and  norepinephrine
  •  can cause hypoglycemia
  • can cause multiple sclerosis
  • can interfere with the absorption of protein (which is pointless when your increasing your protein intake to gain muscle mass)

Read more: Sugar is bad – 124 reasons

I also found this excerpt from a article on “Why Is Sugar Bad For Your Health.”

Sugar is a sticky substance and if left in the bloodstream (instead of being burned as energy) the particles will start to stick to the cells. The result is that if you are consuming a lot of sugar each day, you will get more wrinkles, will experience a lack of mobility in the joints, dry brittle nails and hair and a range of other health problems.

This link here is a great breakdown on the different types of sugar and how it effects your body…  (click here)

Diet Soda sucks.. 

 You add it to replace your favorite soda. Just to find that you are now more addicted and dependent on it. And what’s worse it makes you crave more sugar and salty foods. Which in turn defeats its so called purpose.  You drink in all of that fake calorie free sweetener, which gives you a sweet craving but an empty feeling. Your portions become bigger.  I had not had a diet soda or soda in 4 months and then I had one, one became two three and before I knew it… I hadn’t consumed any water. SO to brake the habit. I have to go cold turkey all over again.

So here is to a new plan. A new goal, and a new understanding of health.

I need to stay true to the commitments I made this year. One of those commitments being running in a 5k, 10k or marathon once a month. So far I have ran three 5ks.

One in January:

One in February:

One in March:

I’ll be doing another 5k at the end of this month.. stay tuned for pictures!


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