Keeping Focused…

Started my day off with an amazing cinnamon soy latte and another enjoyable outing with my family. This time we headed to the San Diego Safari Park. We walked around enjoying the animals for about 5 hours, and a good three of those hours I was carrying a 30 lb child around. So working out is definitely crossed off my list of things to do today. And getting those endorphins pumping really empowered me to make an amazing fresh, and healthy dinner!

Getting enthusiastic about being healthy and what I am going to cook really helps keep me focused on my goals. It’s like that quote I read:

Just focus on being healthy and everything else will fall into place, eat for the body you want. Not the body you have”

For dinner I put together a really yummy and creative Veggie Fajita. I was sick of always seeing the same ingredients in the recipes I browse. Corn Tortilla, different types of squash and bell peppers, regular white onions… the same ole’ same ole’
Well not tonight!! I started by grabbing a few of my favorite veggies and chopping them up.. and before you know it, my counter looked like this:VEGANFAJITAS

So basically what I did, was place my zucchini, mexican onions, mini colored peppers, and green beans on a grill made for a stove. I only let them sit for about two minutes on each side and then set them aside, I then warmed the kale ( so that it would be easier to wrap or fold like a taco) on a griddle. I then topped it with fresh tomato, serrano peppers, avocado and cilantro, then splashed with fresh cut lime. So quick and easy and so so yummy….


Hope you enjoy it as much as I did, I didn’t even need to add any spices or seasonings. It was that yummy and flavorful! Oh and if you are wondering if that is a soda in my photo, yes it is! But don’t worry. .



This is the holy grail of soda, finally a carbonated drink you won’t cry about having later!  It’s called Zevia. Hallelujah to the gods that created this combo of carbonated water and stevia. It’s zero calories. Contains no artificial sweeteners and is pretty natural! The perfect replacement to your typical diet soda and a great step towards a healthier lifestyle.



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