If you dream it you can do it…

All the adversity I’ve had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me… You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.
Walt Disney

July finally clicked for me, I had gone 3 months just feeling lost and no longer motivated… and I pushed and pushed.. 16 lbs down and I am back,  and feeling stronger than ever. I am on a path back into Vegan living and loving it. I have been going strong remembering that not only had I done this before and lost 50 lbs but that it takes commitment.  And ZERO COMFORT ZONES.  5, 10, 30 lbs of weight gain can easily throw you way off track. And finding the road back to a fit and healthy life isn’t easy. Its windy, and has a lot of speed bumps and obstacles.  You have to remind yourself that not only can you do this.. but that you are worth it. Get fit & healthy for the right reasons. For yourself.

  • Stay connected and create a support group: whether it’s socially or with your actual family and friends. It is crucial to have the support you need around you to keep you going in the right direction. If you can’t or find yourself alone sometimes. Be your own support. Remind yourself why you started, and commit. Treat it like a job..  and your results your paycheck.
  • Create a lifestyle not a diet: if you keep telling yourself that you are on a diet…. you probably will end your evenings binging on everything from chips and salsa to a whole carton of ice cream.  If you make it a lifestyle you will understand when you fall short and have room for mistakes. So you mess up one day and eat a little to greasy or fried or maybe even sweet… that’s OK because when you get home, you’ll drink some water or have some tea, relax and be back at it tomorrow.
  • Do your homework: figure out what foods work best for you and your body, What does your body need to fuel itself? what gives you a full feeling without being bloated and what is gonna keep you motivated. Keep in mind you want food that is clean and whole. Stay clear of preservatives, chemicals, and dyes. And READ those labels!!! learn to understand the nutritional facts, ingredients and serving sizes. Learn the appropriate portions for your size, weight, height, and gender. You are an individual what works for me, or john doe doesn’t necessarily work for you.  Take your current health or aliments into consideration as well. Do you have diabetes, or any other illness? remember those are a huge part of your life and need to be embraced and worked with.
  • Band of Brothers (or eh-hem sisters!): Motivate don’t shoot down our fellow health and fitness enthusiasts! it breaks my heart when I see people post photos of people who may not be ‘there’ yet. So they’re over weight or look funny at the gym. Well that was once us… or is still us… Lets band together to create nothing but love and positive vibes! and for all you know, you could be their hero. So act like it.
  • BE HONEST:  be honest with yourself, are you really giving it your all? and what’s holding you back? do you need to cut down on your alcohol intake? if so just be true to you. It will only affect you and your results…

*I am not a nutritionist, doctor nor am I a personal trainer, I am just a woman on a journey, willing to share my experiences and hope to motivate others to join me.*



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