Late night tonic


put together a quick late night tonic to help my metabolism and balance my ph levels.

Aloe Vera has many uses. You can use it as a diuretic by drinking its juice or even it in a more natural state like the gel. It regulates your daily bowel movements and can aid in weightloss.  As well as helps fight plaque and tooth decay. As well as helping aid headaches, stomach disorders, and kidneys. There are many more uses for Aloe some that may even surprise you. I like to use a blend of this Natural High Aloe Vera Gel and some gel from leaves in our garden.

Apple Cider Vinegar drinking apple cider vinegar can sometimes be considered drinking the fountain of youth. People have claimed to have seen amazing benefits from digesting a few shots of ACV daily.  Its rich potassium helps growth, as well as growing our muscles and help them repair after a vigorous workout. Also can help in the transmission of nerve impulses, hair loss, runny noses, and helps build strong teeth!! It also helps control our blood pressure and lower bad cholesterol. Kills bad bacteria and fungus in our systems. So many ways to use ACV and so many benefits I cannot even list them all. You can find article after article and even visit and check it out for yourself. But for me, the most important and favorite use for ACV is weight loss. It helps you break down bad fat instead of storing it. Keeps your metabolism moving and encourages it to keep burning while you sleep.

I like to take it 2-3xs a day in different ways, sometimes I even add a shot to my bottled water. It has always been one of my favs…




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