Vegetarian comfort food..

I found a new twist on one of my favorite comfort foods. Pizza… And what’s great is my girls went ahead and made their own mini versions of my dish.

20140117-124433.jpg so what I made was a pizza bowl in a crock pot. Not the fancy crock pots you leave cooking all day. But the old fashion pot you throw all your faves into and place in the oven. I started with some pre made whole wheat pizza dough from trader joes and some pre made low calorie pizza sauce. I oiled the bowl first and spread out my dough over it, creating a little bowl in the middle while coverin as much of the sides as I could, I then added a little more olive oil and some sauce, not to much but just enough. I added squash, tomatoes, mushrooms, tofurkey smoked vegan sausage and jalapeños and topped with a low fat mozzarella. (This is definitely more of a vegetarian dish) popped it into the oven, which was set at 400 degrees and let it bake for about 25-30 Mns. My girls made theirs in mini crock pot dishes with turkey pepperoni, squash and the low fat mozzarella… Hope you enjoy!





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