This Time I plan On Keeping it off….E

So I know that I know how to lose weight, I’ve lost 60 lbs that I had gained with my first child,    30 lbs I had gained with my second child, and then 55 lbs I had gained with my last child. Only this time it’s been harder to maintain the weight loss with a busy schedule, three kids, being a wife and homemaker. So I gained 30 back. But I know how I did, I am not gonna deny that. I had a few extra glasses of wine, I know that extra slice of pizza or order of fries didn’t help. But it was easy to excuse. Until now…. this time I plan on losing it and keeping it off.

Creating a new lifestyle, or gaining back a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy and I better than anyone know that. I have been nothing but a weight roller coaster, but that’s OK. No point in beating myself up over it. All I can do is work past it and get my healthy self back.

First step is to:

  • Remember how good I felt when I was in shape, how much more energy I had and how much more happier I felt inside knowing I was treating my body the way it was meant to be treated.
  • surround myself with more healthy snacks and meals options. More available less I am likely to fall off the wagon.
  • Limit my sugar and sweets intake, I have definitely been bad and have just allowed what I wanted and craved when I wanted. Only to always end up regretting it later.
  • Don’t skip meals and leave myself hungry and on a binge later. Feed myself appropriately so that if I do get emotional or to a starving point I am not going over board.

Second step to assure success:

  • Stock my fridge and belly full of yummy produce and make sure I get enough of my favorites that way I am sure to eat them. I love tomatoes, and greens and also a variety of squash.
  • Cut down on those portions. I have been eating for two lately never knowing when I am full. So instead I will use a smaller plate and stick to portions needed for my body… I am not pregnant nor can I get pregnant anymore so no point in pretending.
  • Weigh myself, keep track of the gain and loss and face the math! I used to check myself at least 2 x’s a month just to make sure I was keeping health conscious and it really helped. It’s not for everyone. But I know that this past weight gain I avoided the scale as if it was out of sight out of mind.
  • Prepare myself. Plan out my meals, grocery lists, and exercises and be truthful with what my body can handle. My joints and physical health isn’t a typical 28 year old’s and so I should work with that and not against that. I let my physical limitations be excuses to why I don’t need to work out or want to work out. And when I show up at the grocery store with out a plan, I end up buying “snacky” junk food and whatever sounds appetizing at the moment. ( <—not good)

And finally Step 3…

How I plan to keep it off:

  • Treat myself and my body like a temple. Remind myself  daily of how worthy my body is of good whole foods and a nutritious diet. As well as treating myself now and then. Embracing the woman I am and loving me for ME. Treating myself for accomplishments and becoming my own best friend.
  • Maintaining a balance between my carbs, fats, greens and protein daily… if I can stick to a healthy food pyramid my body will naturally maintain a healthy weight.
  • STOP my life long roller coaster of weight. If I exercise on a routinely basis and by exercise I mean more like actually keeping active and doing the things I love like hiking, walking, running, swimming, tennis, yoga then I should be able to maintain my goals with out all the fuss and worry!




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