Hulk up..

Green hulk protein shake

I like to mix it up and create variety. I’m to much of a foodie to meal prep and stick to the same meal day in and day out. Don’t get me wrong, if you can more power to you. For many that is the answer and also has great benefit. But I know myself and I know that making this a realistic lifestyle means adding variety, color, flavor and spice to my meals and life. So I mixed in some new ingredients to my protein shake…

  • Kale– High in Vitamin A, C and according to a Men’s Health Article ( I don’t know why I love reading Men’s health, maybe because its more straight forward with out the fluff of how pretty we should look at the gym)  its high in carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin, which have been proven to prevent macular degeneration. It’s also packed with healthy fats (omega-3s) and boosts our heart health and lowers our risk of type 2 diabetes. (which for me is more important than anything since it is common in my family)
  • Aloe Vera– I am always promoting aloe vera… its multi uses and benefits I can never get enough! more info check out previous posts..
  • Spinach–  full of luetin… important why? it helps promote good eye sight! Vitamin K,  and twice as much of iron as most veggies.. which if you are on a plant based diet is very important.
  • Avocado- for one it has more potassium than a banana, it can be counted as part of your daily fruit intake… Yes folks its a fruit. And there are so many rich antioxidants inside a avocado that it also benefits your hair, skin, nails  even can help minimize wrinkles and that’s not just by ingesting it!
  • Banana– well for one it helps me get my daily sweet tooth intake without going over board on the calories.. naturally low in cholesterol and fat and helps make my shakes rich and creamy!

I took my super ingredients and mixed it with my protein powder of choice, added a few essential oils and mmmmm… couldn’t of been more satisfied!




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