Changes, mantras and a little om..

I am learning to embrace myself for the good, the bad and all of the in between. I feel like the biggest part of weight loss or gaining strength or starting a new lifestyle is working on your mind. Your Mind is such a crazy yet beautiful thing. It controls so much of what we do more than hunger or even pain. Our mind literally is our own personal device greater than any laptop, desktop or even smartphone. It takes in everything we see, hear, feel, do, breathe, smell, taste and touch. It tells your body how and when to sit, when to react and when not to.  Our brain can be the reason we reach a goal or fall off track. Our brain lets us think, dream, reason and experience…

 “Be specific about your weight-loss goal. The brain detects a difference between where you are and where you want to be, so when you’re specific, your brain throws resources like willpower at it.”

—Heidi Grant Halvorson, PhD, author of The Psychology of Goals

I have been down the road of weight loss before, and sometimes it feels like a roller coaster. Losing and gaining and losing again. But I can not tell you that every time I tackled the weight loss that my mind was in the right state. My mind focused so much on the physical part of weight loss, that I forgot about the mental part of weight loss. And in order to create a lifestyle and make my weight loss be an amazing journey and actually stick, I have to start from the inside out.  I have to be at peace with my body and what it is.  I can not compare myself to what I see in a magazine, or on television.  I am not them and they are not me. Not only is my body different but how I eat, digest and burn my calories is different as well. They have not gone through what I have in life and they are not where I am in life. All of which sums up my body, my physical strength and my stamina. Coping with our mental strengths and weaknesses first, will help us defeat cheating, binge-ing and emotional eating. Which is One of the reasons why I love yoga and meditation.

Yoga, is such a peaceful and meaningful way of working out.  Yoga is defined in the dictionary as a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation. Practicing yoga daily has allowed me to work out my mind as well as my body. Seeking a peaceful out look on life is reminding me that I eat to live and grow. I do not live to eat and “GROW” (you know what I mean? ) If we approach weight loss with a plan, including a way for us to grow spirtually or mentally. We will find our selves not only happier but fitter and truly creating a new lifestyle for ourselves. 




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