Poppin Pills…. No not that kind!

One of the things that has been helping me lose weight, suppress my hunger and keep my energy levels normal is vitamins. This is my break down of the vitamins I take and why.

(Every one is different and every body is different. So listen to yours and work with yours)

The Break down

  • Flaxseed oil: flaxseed oil when ingested turns ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) into Omega 3s. and is also a natural source of fiber.
  • Fish Oil: High in essential fatty acids (EPA and DHA) two acids that our bodies cannot produce but require for function, and is only derived by food or supplements, this can be taken by any one who is highly active or not active at all. Helps with muscle recovery, and storing necessary fat and helps rid of the unnecessary fat. It encourages good insulin production and glucose levels.
  • Biotin: aka vitamin B7 because our bodies clean out biotin in our system on a regular basis, we sometimes need to take extra. Specifically to prevent brittle nails, clear skin and loss of hair… which can happen when losing weight. But not only does it help your beauty. But it helps how your body breaks down fat, protein and carbs. And more…

I also take a few other based on my dietary needs.  I took in  consideration my health and any issues I have been diagnosed with… So contact your physician to get an accurate recommendation that works for you.



  1. right on 🙂 these days I’m doing 1800-3600mg fish oil (3-6 of ’em, depending on work load, spread out on meals), Multivitamin (just a decent one, cuz why not?), Creatine 2x/day, glutamine in postworkout shakes and 50-75g whey protein per day. It covers my bases, so if I eat just boring veggies or fast food I still get my nutrition 🙂

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