Eating for Beauty-Part 1

Love this post by beauty and hair guru Brittany Michelle

Hydrating VS. Moisturizing


Eating healthy, vitamin dense foods is amazing for weight loss & good overall health..but did you know it’s crucial for the condition of your skin as well?

Hydrating and moisturizing are two very different things. Hydration is getting water into your skin cells while moisturizers are used to lock it in. (Think of good skin as working from the inside, out.)

How do you hydrate your skin?

  • #1-Drinking water. Lots & lots of water!
  • Getting in fish oil & flaxseed oil supplements. (Which are a staple in my daily intake for good overall health.)
  • Eating water rich fruits & veggies.

What fruits & veggies contain the most hydrating benefits?


  • Watermelon. (92% water)
  • Strawberries. (92% water)
  • Cantaloupe. (90% water)
  • Peaches . (88% water)


  • Cucumber. (96% water)
  • Lettuce. (96% water)
  • Zucchini. (95% water)
  • Radish. (95% water)
  • Celery. (95% water)

I see this theory of skin health & eating as…

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