It just taste so good when it hits your lips…

Until about two years ago I was a smoothie gal. Smoothies were not only my go to meal, but a no brain-er meal and the surest way I was going to get my daily fruit and veggie intake. And then I came across something amazing, JUICING. A way to not only cleanse my body but energize it and keep it hydrated and healthy! Juicing is a form of getting the required vitamins and nutrients in a fruit or vegetable with out the extra pulp and skin..  Juicing is mostly done the day you will be consuming the liquid. Researchers say that the longer home made juice goes without drinking the more likely your juice will harbor bacteria and give you food poising. So when you juice, drink it fresh.  I would never recommend living off of a juice diet, but I do believe in its benefits and feel as if it should be added to your regular diet.  For more detailed info on juicing visit Dr. Oz’s website.

There is a wide variety of juicers and its best to do some research and find one that works with your budget and lifestyle. I personally picked up the Jack LaLanne’s Ultimate Juicer.  It fell into my budget and has done the job! I can’t complain. You may find one that is easy to clean but it could also cost more. So it depends on you.

I love to experiment with juicing and try new recipes and new fruits and veggies to juice.  You can really have fun creating tonics for specific needs such as: blemishes, glowing skin, hydration, metabolism boosters, stomach ache aids, cold and flu remedies and so much more!

Metabolism Boosting Juice:

  • 1/2 Pomelo: high in Folic Acid, beta carotene, (extremely beneficial to pregnant mothers) lots of vitamins and healthy fats and flavonoids, antioxidants and enzymes.  Helps prevent UTI’s, healthy heart and gums. As well as helping your body from becoming anemic. Wards off cold and flu, aids in weight loss and helps digestion and preventing cancer and osteoporosis.
  • 1 whole Grapefruit: high in enzymes which enzymes which fight fat, prevents arthritis with its salicylic acid. It also can help aid in ailments and lower your cholesterol.
  • 1 whole large Cucumber: Cucumbers are amazing, they’re light and high in Vitamin B which will give you boost and morning pick me up, 95 percent water so it will keep you hydrated but still get rid of those pesky toxins. Vitamin C which will keep that skin glowing. And can also help fight bad breath with its  phytochemcials.
  • 1 green Apple: high in fiber and low in calories this is your tummies bff. Helps keep your mouth clean and regulates your blood sugar.

The only Swift in my life, are swift meals

Grab a pen, paper and jot this down…..

  • Cashews, 1/4 cup-150 calories – high in antioxidants, magnesium and zinc, good for our hearts, low in fat compared to its nutty friends, great especially for diabetics as it helps keep the fat in your blood low and heart healthy and disease free.. literally lowering high triglyceride levels. 
  • Tofu, 1/2 cup- 45 calories teriyaki flavored homemade or store bought up to your daily caloric needs..  high in protein low in fat and keeping you on track
  • Broccoli, steamed and 1 cup- 30 calories-sulforaphane blocks cartilage damage, helps DNA remember who it is and where its supposed to be.. no really! promotes good kidney health and lower blood pressure, helps your body defend itself from a low immune system effected by aging.. specifically aging.. (less slow down the hands of time with these bad ass greens) another heart healthy food to add for diabetics, it helps them especially because their blood flow and risks for heart disease.