As with most weight-loss you seem to go up and down. Especially if you are a woman. We have our emotional binges, our weeks where we PMS and crave salty and sweet. And other times we just suffer from water retention… I know this to be true because it happens to me. I’m not perfect and I am on this journey too.  I hopped on the scale this morning and saw a good 4lbs extra…Now I am working towards muscle growth and fat loss and I could imagine that I gained 4 lbs in muscle…but if you are not honest with yourself you will not make it. And it will be harder to turn around and fix what you did wrong and get back on track. If you lie, its only gonna hurt you and your progress.

So I went through my week. I figured out where I went wrong, took in consideration how my body was feeling, checked my calendar and got back on track. Started my morning at 5 am, did a fasted workout again pulling an at home workout from Women’s Health Magazine online.

For complete detailed info on this sequence click this link:


The best thing I do for myself is get in the right mindset the night before.  I Plan out the next couple of days, the week or even the month if I can.  I consider MONDAY’S my MEAL PREP day. Instagram even has a hashtag #mealprepmondays! (Use it, discover & explore it. Get involved.) I bring out my planner and start writing down my to do list’s my goals and any little motivional quote that I think will help and keep me moving forward
plan it

Keep Moving, Eat Clean, Train Hard


Dez O


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  1. This is awesome motivation! I actually planned my meals today! I’m looking forward to every meal (and I’m also getting rid of some food that needs to be eaten)! I especially love what you said right at the beginning…women’s bodies are so variable! Great to remember. XO

    1. We sometimes get so wrapped up in our routines we forget its common!! ;)!! It’s so much easier to even have a general idea of what you’ll be eating.. And I agree, it helps use up that food and keep from waisting!! Xoxo

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